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Wow!! What a Store!!

WMG Publishing Started a New Diving Universe Store

And right now it is having a grand opening sale.  Go to and browse around. Imagine the store without all the Grand Opening sales stuff. And imagine something like it as your own author web site.

Yes, Shopify can do all kinds of looks and blogs and anything a regular web site can do and so much more.  I loved the Pulphouse Shopify Store and our main WMG Books store we call “the mothership.” But when I saw how Stephanie Writt had built this store, the first thing I thought of was an author web site. It would be one of the most spectacular author web sites. With so much information and books directly for sale to readers. And nifty merchandise.

And wow is it a great store. Does the Diving Universe justice in so many ways.

Keep in mind that everything on this new store is on sale, and everything on the Pulphouse store and Main store is also on sale in honor of the grand opening of the Diving Universe store. Take a look at the new store at You will be stunned. I was.


Everything on WMGTeachable is 50% off. Everything. And below are some really cool new workshops, plus the list of the October Regular Workshops.

To get 50% off, simply hit purchase on the class or workshop you want to take, then on the next page put in the code and hit apply and you will get the class or workshop or whatever for 50% off.

Code is:


Any problems or questions, feel free to write me.

New Classes!!

Flash Techniques…

That’s right, in the exact same structure of four videos every Monday morning of the Bite-Sized Copyright and Decade Ahead classes, every Monday morning Kris and I will focus on one Writing Craft Technique and talk about it for four videos.

This will run from Monday, October 2nd for 13 weeks. Four videos every Monday morning. No assignments. What a great way to sharpen your craft skills in the last quarter of the year. Some techniques you might sort of know, others you will never have heard of.


The 2023 Advanced Craft workshops are scheduled in 2024 and put into the 2023 bundle.  There is also a 2024 Advanced Craft bundle with the six classes in it. And they are great ones.

Other sessions will be added through 2024 in case you miss one, and 2023 and 2024 classes will repeat in 2025. So you can get the 2023 Bundle of Six Classes or the 2024 Bundle of Six Classes all at a discount of getting six for the price of five. (And with the half-price sale a real bargain.)

2023 Advanced Craft Classes are:

  • Advanced Pacing
  • Advanced Character
  • Floating Viewpoints
  • Advanced Voice
  • Advanced Conflict
  • Unputdownable

New 2024 Advanced Craft Classes are:

  • Advanced Dialog
  • Advanced Humor (Yes, we are doing it.)
  • Advanced Endings
  • Advanced Information Flow
  • Advanced Genre
  • Advanced Emotion

And here are the October regular workshops starting October 3rd and 4th. Lifetime subscribers, if you want to take one to do assignments, just write me and ask for the code and I will fire it to you. (And wow are the Everything Lifetime Subscribers making out… (All this is in your subscription already.)

And yes, Lifetime Everything and Workshops and Pop-ups and Lectures are al available in the sale. Write me with any questions.)

  • #32… Oct 3rd… Depth in Action
  • #33… Oct 3rd… Writing into the Dark
  • #34… Oct 3rd… Magic Bakery
  • #35… Oct 3rd… Teams in Fiction
  • #36…Oct 4th… Writing with Depth (start with this one)
  • #37…Oct 4th… Plotting with Depth
  • #39…Oct 4th… Advanced Depth
  • #40…Oct 4th… Killing the Critical Voice
  • #42…Oct 4th… Applied Depth

Again, everything on WMGTeachable is 50% off. Everything.

To get 50% off, simply hit purchase on the clas