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So I am behind on email and will get caught up tomorrow after we do a 5k charity run. My feet are back healthy as they will ever be, so it will feel good to be back out.

Plus we had two charity runs scheduled for tomorrow, but one was forced virtual. The one we are doing has groups of 25 going off (spaced out) every thirty minutes. Masks required and gladly worn. I am sure there will be pictures.

I’m going to use tomorrow to ramp back up my amount of steps per day. I am doing a bit of muscle work as well, since I am moving boxes of digests into a storage unit to get them out of our new office. About 16 to 20 boxes per trip. Good basic exercise. Got to be 300 or more banker boxes.

This digest magazine collection is huge.

Pretty much one copy of every science fiction and mystery and horror digest from 1943 when Astounding went to digest size to the year 2000 and beyond. And a ton of duplicates, if that wasn’t enough, since I also have my collection, but I also inherited Bill Trojan’s digest collection as well. I think I have at least three full sets (from issue one back in the late 1940s) of F&SF.

You would be stunned at how many magazines started over the decades and ran from three to ten issues. Just stunning numbers and I pretty much got them all. Now going into a storage unit. I’m either going to sell the entire collection or some day have enough room somewhere to put them all up on a wall.

And you would be stunned at how many of the major books and stories in science fiction and mystery and literature were first published in the magazines. I am constantly coming across major writers and stories, from Dune to a ton of Harlan stories. Even some L. Ron Hubbard stories in the early Astounding.

Plus the storage unit will have extra copies of all of Kris and my books. I am going to put on the wall in the office up to four copies of a book we have a story in or one of our novels. But copy #5 and up go into storage. (We have twenty to fifty copies of some books.) Eventually I will put boxes together to donate those extras to libraries.

So just the extra copies up to four will fill the walls of one bedroom and the entry way into the new office. And eventually extra art and posters will go into the storage unit. One full walk-in closet and a bathroom is totally full of art. Now imagine, this is what we weeded this down to from the warehouse. We still need two storage units, one in Lincoln City, one down here.

So if anyone wants a massive digest magazine collection of four to five thousand magazines put together by two major collectors, write me directly. And no, don’t ask to cherry pick the collection or for an inventory. If interested, make me an offer and you pick them up.

What do I think the collection is worth retail? Put it this way, if I wanted to spend a couple years selling them all individually and in sets on eBay and other book sites, I could make easily over $50,000. That would be retail before fees. But there are a lot of very old, very rare, and in very good condition digest magazines in this collection.

Here is one that is in this collection selling right now on eBay for over $30. Virgil Finley cover. I bet most of you have never heard of this magazine. I have the full run of this magazine. This one is #9 and the image I took off of eBay. Fun stuff, huh?


  • Philip

    I love the pulps. When I was a teen in tbr 90s, I used to get sad think how I’d been born in the wrong era and couldn’t be either a pulp reader or pulp writer. Ebooks changed that!

    If I had it in my budget (in other words didn’t have two ex wives lol) I’d love a complete set of Manhunt. What an awesome magazine that was. Some excellent writers.

    • dwsmith

      I think Manhunt in about the only old digest magazine I don’t have a full run of. That’s a tough one, but I do have the first year or so. Again, not breaking up the collection. There is still a chance I will find room some day to put it out.

  • Mark Kuhn

    Wildside Press puts out a ton of Megapack books on Kindle. For 99 cents you get a boatload of stories.
    Radio Archives has been publishing reprint ebooks of major pulp characters.
    Not sure if anyone is aware of this but James Patterson will begin writing new adventures of The Shadow under license.
    I really envy your digest collection, Dean. There are pitifully few digest magazines left. I used to love Worlds of If and Galaxy. Mike Shayne’s Mystery Magazine held me over during many long car rides to the Jersey shore.
    Okay I gotta go before I end up taking Nostalgia Boulevard to a place I might not want to leave. A place that no longer exists.