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Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Subscription Drive…

We Are Accepted!!

The Kickstarter campaign for a Pulphouse Fiction Magazine subscription drive has been accepted.We have three or four more days of fine-tuning and such and will launch it on Tuesday, July 20th.

Two really amazing special workshops are going to be offered only through the campaign, plus subscriptions and books and other fun stuff. And I am sure that if we hit some stretch rewards we will offer backers fun books and workshops.

Anyone have any ideas that you would love to see in a Pulphouse Subscription Drive Kickstarter campaign, you have until Monday night to suggest them to me here in the comments or in a private email. I’m always open for new Pulphouse ideas or workshop or Pop-Up ideas.

And no, for no reason will I open slush reading. So don’t ask. (grin)

Here is the link to the pre-launch page and after we launch the campaign page.


    • Frank Theodat

      Wondering if it might be possible to do a “Tribute to the Pulp Writers” as a Pop-Up?

      Maybe discuss what made the classic stories (The Shadow, Doc Savage, Tarzan, etc.) work so well with audiences and the best lessons to learn for writers. You could take it a couple different directions. Just a thought.

      I was also thinking about audio drama and adapting short stories into audio/podcast medium and your thoughts. But that might be a silly idea.

      Looking forward to the kickstarter, Dean! Heard so much about Pulphouse over the years and excited to support it.

      • dwsmith

        Thanks, Frank. And I love the idea of A Tribute and Lessons from the Pulp Writers. That would make a great pop-up and I think I’ll add it as a stretch reward on this campaign. Great idea.

      • dwsmith

        Frank the audio and podcast idea from short fiction is a great idea, but alas, it is not an economic one for time/cost. So much better off writing the next story. But some have tried it. Feedback is fun and using them for promotion is always fun, but just not a useful use of your time.

  • Dave+Hendrickson

    I’m sure you’ve already thought of this, but just in case, it would be great to see these two new volumes included as rewards:

    Stories from Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine
    Stories from the Original Pulphouse: A Fiction Magazine

    • dwsmith

      Dave, they were both stretch rewards in the campaign two years ago. The 5th level which we reached. Here is what we said about them in that campaign…

      “Hugo Award Winning editor Kristine Kathryn Rusch will put together a very special Best of Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine and we will give every supporter of this kickstarter an electronic copy.

      And at the same time, editor Dean Wesley Smith will put together a very special Best of the original Pulphouse: A Fiction Magazine from the early 1990s and we will give every supporter of this kickstarter an electronic copy.

      That’s right, two books that will be available in early 2021 with fantastic stories from the first incarnations of Pulphouse.

      Why will it take so long? Because it will take that long to track down authors and (sadly) some author estates to get permission to reprint the stories. That is difficult and time-consuming work beyond putting the anthologies together that both editors are willing to do if we reach this level.”

      So we just included them this time in buying all nine books which were all stretch rewards from the first two Pulphouse subscription campaigns. But thanks, I agree, both of those are really fun books! Actually, all nine are.

  • Linda+Niehoff

    Ever since you mentioned a Power Words workshop, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. I know you talked about doing it as a full workshop, but would it be possible to scratch the surface in a pop-up? Sort of to see if there’s interest in it as a bigger workshop but also maybe as a teaser for it. I imagine it would be like letting writers know power words are even a thing. And I definitely don’t know anything about them so I may be asking the impossible here. But I thought I’d throw it out there in case it was indeed a possiblity. I’ve been so intrigued since you first mentioned them that I’m keeping my fingers crossed for it!

    • dwsmith

      Linda, we have it on our list of future full workshops, but I keep sliding it because, to be honest, even though power words in fiction are amazingly important to understand that they even exist, I doubt that anyone will even bother to take a workshop on it. But Kris and I will talk about it and give it some thought. Thanks!!

    • Connor whiteley

      Definitely. I’ve tried to understand them myself and I get the general idea behind them and what they are. (Like slash, shatter, slammed. I think they’re some.) But it would be great to say how to find them in books so I could find a lot more.