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What Workshops Have Started!!

Since So Much Going On…

I figured before the new Make 100 Kickstarter fired up at noon today (Tuesday), I would remind you of all the new stuff that is starting up here on the new year. And you can easily find all of them at our new workshop web site

For example, the Decade Ahead first week is up and posted.

And the first week of Bitesized Copyright is up and posted as well.

Those are both 52 week classes that are designed to help writers make a lot more money and keep going for decades to come. You can get more information and links to them at

Also, all four of the January/February Collection Classes are up and started. I think one of my favorites of the collection classes so far will be the Ghosts one. Of course, I do write a fantasy ghost series called Marble Grant, and ghosts visit homes all the time on Bryant Street, another of my series.

The four that just started are… Ghost Story Themed Collection, Pets Themed Collection, Portals Themed Collection, and Private Eye Themed Collection. All are nine weeks long and you write five stories during the nine weeks and publish the collection.

Also just started is the first week of the Advanced Pacing Class and also two of the six Regular Workshops. The other four start on Wednesday.

Again, there is information on all of them at And you can get all year of all of them. Six collections, all six Advanced Craft workshops, or all four quarters of Decades Ahead and Bitesized Copyright.


The last two years Kris and I have done 100 story collections. COLLIDING WORLDS and CRIMES COLLIDE. This year we are doing 100 fantasy stories, 50 of mine and 50 of Kris’s called FANTASIES COLLIDE.

Beautiful, big, 5-volume set that all backers of the campaign get. And two really fun special workshops, and lots of stretch goals. You know, just like we did the last two years. (I really love the two special workshops in this one. Nothing but fun and Kris will be reading the stories from this one since I am behind on my reading because of my eye injury. It is getting better and I will be caught up soon.)

I will get up early on Tuesday (today) to launch campaign.  click this link to have Kickstarter tell you when it launches or just stop by here right after noon West Coast Time and I will have a link up. This is a really good one.



  • T Thorn Coyle

    I signed up for The Decade Ahead before you announced Bite Sized Copyright, and kicked myself.

    But having watched both sets of videos this week, I think the classes will be good companions, and complementary.

    Having made stabs at studying copyright in the past, I’m hopeful that this simple weekly format will be the thing that finally gets me closer to a deeper understanding.

    Looking forward to the year!

    • dwsmith

      Yes, we think both the Decade Ahead and Bite-Sized Copyright will go well together. And our hope is the same, that the weekly format will allow people to learn more about copyright, how to use it, and so on. And in. less painful learning way. Thanks!

      • Keith West

        I agree. I’m taking both and got a lot out of this week’s videos. We’re just getting started, and I’m looking forward to what we’re going to learn.