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We’re Live With Fantasies Collide!!

Brand New Kickstarter Just Went Live!!!

A Make 100 Kickstarter Project just like we did the last two years. 50 stories of mine, 50 stories of Kris’s in a massive five-volume set called FANTASIES COLLIDE.

Two really cool special workshops that Kris will be reading the stories from since I am behind and still injured. And some fantastic reading, including copies of the last two years of these massive collections, COLLIDING WORLDS and CRIMES COLLIDE. Science fiction short stories, mystery short stories, and now this year fantasy.

Take a look at it at FANTASIES COLLIDE.

And here is the fun video that Kris and I did explaining the project.


  • Alexander

    What exactly do you mean by Weird Fantasy?

    Do you mean like New Weird? Sword & Sorcery? Something else?

  • Kate Pavelle

    I love your interplay in the video. Makes me wonder if I could rope a collaborator in, just because doing the video part, for me, is a…constipated process. And yes, the branding and covers are simply gorgeous!

    • dwsmith

      Thanks. We didn’t plan any of that. We have been on so many million hours of stages and such over the years, we learned decades ago to just know our information and go with it. Thanks!!

  • Kate Pavelle

    Hi Dean, I have a question on one of the rewards. The 3 workshops at half price, does that include the new advanced craft ones? (Yes, I’ve gotten spoiled with my lifetime subscription…sigh. Hedonistic adaptation much?)

    • dwsmith

      No, it does not. Advanced Craft workshops at 9 weeks long are an animal in and of themselves. We do not discount them and never will. They will be graduate level work for writers in craft.