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    New Kickstarter Launching at Noon

    West Coast Time… The New Diving Novel by Kristine Kathryn Rusch is launching on Tuesday, February 14th at noon. Promotions Page is here… The Court-Martial of the Renegat Renegades is a stunning new novel in the Diving Universe. And we have some really fun rewards and some brand new things in the stretch goals. And some workshops that are really cool. And everyone backing any reward will get an electronic copy of the book. So don’t miss it. And this book you do not have to have read any other Diving novel to enjoy it. Stands alone. And is an amazing read.  

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    What Workshops Have Started!!

    Since So Much Going On… I figured before the new Make 100 Kickstarter fired up at noon today (Tuesday), I would remind you of all the new stuff that is starting up here on the new year. And you can easily find all of them at our new workshop web site www.wmgworkshops.com For example, the Decade Ahead first week is up and posted. And the first week of Bitesized Copyright is up and posted as well. Those are both 52 week classes that are designed to help writers make a lot more money and keep going for decades to come. You can get more information and links to them at…

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    Launching Spade/Paladin Kickstarter

    Another Fun Campaign… This campaign is for the new (and first) Spade/Paladin novel. This new book is great fun and a great read, just as all the Spade/Paladin stories have been. A mystery puzzle novel set at a science fiction convention. Everyone who backs the campaign for any reward will get a copy of the book. Plus we have a lot of other books, plus two great special workshops to never be offered anywhere else. And, of course, some amazing stretch goals including more Spade/Paladin stories and some nifty Pop-Up writing classes for writers. And for five of the hardbacks, we will bind in a full first page dedicated to…