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Today Everything Has Started…

Stunning Amounts of Stuff…

Wow, was this a busy start to a new year for new workshops, Kickstarter, diet, and exercise. I signed up for the tracking of trying to run/walk 2023 miles in 2023. For me that is just over 11,000 steps a day without missing for an entire year. Yeah, that’s a streak.

Down two pounds on my first weigh-in of the year on Monday, so considering the holidays, a total win. And I am slowly trying to bring up the running a little without damaging my old knees. Mostly just walking the 5.5 miles a day at the moment.

The eye is slowly improving but still really difficult to read, so that part is going slow. But it is coming back slowly, thankfully. But for the stories in the new Kickstarter special workshops, Kris will read those since I am still a few stories behind from the Fey Kickstarter. I am working on them at one or two a night. Plus those two new special workshops are so much fun, the stories should be a blast for Kris to read. Remember, you can only sign up for them through the Kickstarter. They will never be offered for sale regularly.

Speaking of workshops, you can easily find all of them at our new workshop web site

Direct links to all the workshops on Teachable.

One brand new class that just started (actually restarted from 2020) is the  Decade Ahead.

As for other brand new ones, this is also the first week of Bitesized Copyright.

Those are both 52 week classes that are designed to help writers make a lot more money and keep going for decades to come. You can get more information and links to them at

Also, all four of the January/February Collection Classes are up and started. The four that just started are… Ghost Story Themed Collection, Pets Themed Collection, Portals Themed Collection, and Private Eye Themed Collection. All are nine weeks long and you write five stories during the nine weeks and publish the collection.

Also, we just started is the first week of the Advanced Pacing Class and also all six Regular JANUARY Workshops have started!

Again, there is information on all of them at And you can get all year of all of them. Six collections, all six Advanced Craft workshops, or all four quarters of Decades Ahead and Bitesized Copyright.

And it is not too late at all to jump into any of them.

Here is the video for the Fantasies Collide Kickstarter. Me and Kris being me and Kris.


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