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Day 2,911

Blog Streak is Approaching Eight Years…

On August 1st, unless I miss between now and then, I will have done a daily blog or more every day for 2,920 days. That is through major moves, power outages, internet down, computer crashes, and nasty storms.

Some blogs are like this one… filler because I am too tired to write anything of value.

Some have been just me talking about my day.

Some have been workshop news and such.

A few have been book announcements, but very few considering that over those eight years I published well over two hundred books with my name on the front covers, including a ton of novels. (Forty-four of them were Smith’s Monthly.)

And some blog posts have ended up as parts of nonfiction books to help writers.

And even more have been just me climbing on a soap box and talking about something.

So today I am so exhausted I was lucky to even get a little email done. I managed to get two boxes of marbles out of the car and into the new office. And I took a bunch of naps.

And I have now written this filler blog to make sure the streak is going on.

Tomorrow I should be able to do more email, so be patient with me one more day if you are waiting for a response from me.

And slight at it is, another blog is in the can. And the streak goes on.

2.912 days. The power of a streak is amazing.


  • Diane Mills

    What a great streak. An example we can all follow.

    I started my blog 4 months before you started your blog and I have blogged 252 times. I had planned on one blog each month, but I obviously missed quite a few months along the way.