I Have To Put A Post Here Tonight

Because of Not Wanting to Break a Six-Plus Year Streak…

Stupid reason to post. I had a normal day today, even stayed away from email for the most part. Ran a 5K very early this morning. Then cooked a turkey dinner for me and Kris.

From there it was ate too much, a lot of walking, more television, ate too much, more television, and done. A normal person’s day.

So now the blog-posting streak continues.

Two Great Deals!!!

WMG Publishing this year, for the very first time in the almost ten year history of the company, is doing two special holiday reading mystery boxes.

Both have over $250 in value of books for $50.00. (Yup, I said that.)

The Writer Gift Box has a lecture, a classic workshop, and 12 different writing books in it. All for $50.00 (just the lecture and the classic workshop are worth $200 alone. Person who gets the box gets to pick the choice of classic workshop or lecture.)

The Holiday Gift Box includes 40 ebooks (novels, novellas, short-story collections, magazines, boxed sets, bundles, and a sampling of something from each of WMG’s 33 series).

That’s right, 33 series and over 40 titles. Value over $250 for only $50.

And you can give these as gifts, of course. Once you pay for the mystery box, you can designate who and where it is to be sent on the 20th.

Both of these are Available until noon PST December 19. Delivery on December 20.

So don’t miss these, guys. I am stunned WMG Publishing can do this. But wow is it cool!

And what a great way to get your new year writing and learning off with a bang with 12 writing books, a classic workshop, and a lecture. Can’t beat that.