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Some Updates

A Bunch of Stuff…

First off, my eyes are still recovering, so I am slow to answer some email and read stories. Please pardon me. Not straining my poor one remaining eye at the moment for anything. (grin)

Second… The last workshop sale is going on right now. Ends on Sunday, and yes, look back a few posts and I explain why this is the last workshop sale, forever.

To get anything on WMG Teachable, simply find the course and the hit purchase and then on the next page put in the code:


And hit apply and you should get the class for 50% off. It includes everything you see on WMG Teachable, including Lifetime Subscriptions, challenges, all workshops, and Pop-Ups and everything.

Third… I will have the November regular workshops up with luck tomorrow and the new classic workshops not far behind them.

Fourth… The Holiday Spectacular 2022 Kickstarter campaign is doing great. Three stretch goals so far and closing in on a fourth. Fun stuff, not counting that every backer will get an original holiday story per day from over 30 writers from November 24th through January 1st. 39 stories, one per day to read like an advent calendar for fiction. Edited by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

And don’t forget the special workshops in the Kickstarter campaign. Two great ones.

Any questions, feel free to write me, but be kind and give me a day or so to reply. My eye will thank you.





  • Philip

    Thanks for so much advance notice about the final sale. I’m definitely one of the people who intended to take more classes but kept pushing it back. I’d love to learn more about licensing, copyright, and IP in general as well as craft.

    To that end, can an author use a celebrity’s name in simply a TITLE to a book? For example, I’m working on a short story collection I’d like to subtitle “Short Stories Inspired By David Lynch.” The stories themselves have nothing to do woth characters or plots etc he had in his films, I simply want to note the tone was inspired by Lynch. I’ve noticed lots of anthologies like this. “Inspired by Johnny Cash songs” or “Inspired by (insert painter)” but wasn’t sure if the publisher obtained permission or if it’s a different case when the celebrity is dead vs alive.

    • dwsmith

      Always, and I do mean always, better to NOT do that. Permission is always needed and costs money if given.

      So my short answer is NOPE. Never.

  • Mike Southern

    Hey, Dean. Just making sure I didn’t miss an email or something. I know it’s been busy but any word on the 4 Pulphouse pop-ups yet?