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Typing Large

Eyes Dilated…

Seems my eyes take a little longer than the normal 4-6 hours to fully return to normal. So right now after my eye-doctor appointment very late this afternoon, this bright office is still a little uncomfortable. So I did the assignments I needed to do for the workshops and am now typing this because of my stupid streak of over ten years of not missing a blog here.

Damn streaks are powerful.

I have the text on this page up so large, it seems almost funny. But less strain. I would have never bothered even coming in this office tonight if not for the workshop assignments and this blog.

Got about eight stories to read from workshops last few months, will get to them later in the week, I promise.

Right now I am turning off the bright lights of this office and giving my eyes a rest. Until tomorrow, when I get new glasses, and reading and computer glasses for the first time. Oh, joy… (grin)


  • James Palmer

    Eye strain is a real concern. I’ve got every piece of software that will do so set to dark mode, and I make the text really large when I’m writing. It makes a big difference.

  • Rob Kerns

    Hope all went well with the eye dilation.

    I used to dread that with a passion until I found an eye doctor who uses a (very) high-resolution camera and a bright light to take a picture of each eye. The really neat part to me (aside from not needing the dilation) is that my eye doctor keeps the pictures for a certain number of years, so they can refer to previous images if they need to look for any trends.

    I am experiencing the power of a baby streak of my own. I started a challenge last week for the remaining 11 weeks of 2022, and I said for the first time earlier today, “I have to get my words in.”

    Having that reaction when I looked at the time meant so much to me, as I have always struggled with creating a consistent writing habit. My intent for this 11-week challenge is to help me establish that habit.

    Best wishes to you and yours!