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November Regular Workshops Now Up!

All Six Are Available on Teachable…

And yes, they are available in the half-price sale. Just hit purchase and then use the code:


on the next page to get them at half price. Sale goes through Sunday late.

I apologize if I have not responded to your email in the last day or so. Just resting my eye as much as possible after a procedure. All is fine, just don’t want to strain it. But I will get through all my email by tomorrow.

The brand new six classic workshops will be available tomorrow or Saturday in time to get them in the sale as well.

Here are the six November regular six-week workshops.

Class #44… Nov 1st … Writing into the Dark
Class #45… Nov 1st … Teams in Fiction
Class #46… Nov 2nd … Depth in Writing
Class #48… Nov 2nd … Killing Critical Voice
Class #49… Nov 2nd … Applied Depth
Class #50… Nov 2nd … Advanced Depth

These six workshops will jump your writing forward more than you can imagine. Start with Depth in Writing class if you are just coming into them.

I now wish I would not have moved Power Words to classic. It fits with the group above perfectly. So if you have taken all six, jump into the Power Words classic workshop next.

And yes, we will be adding new regular workshops regularly going forward. More than likely we will add them for a few months and then bump them to classic. The six above are going to be the core for at least the next year. Notice, they are all craft workshops.

And they will never again be on sale. Sale ends Sunday.



  • Rhonda Lane

    One thing we learn from you and Kris is sustainability. We see you guys make choices to take care of yourselves. From the move to Vegas to your running and the business decisions y’all make and then share with us about, we learn from your choices. Thank you for that.

    There are two workshops I’m interested in taking for this last sale, but I’d rather not take both in one month. Is there a way to take on in, say, November and the other in December?

    • dwsmith

      Thanks, Rhonda.

      And yes, just sign up for both of them, then when they start, just write me and push one back to the following month. No issue.