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Some Nifty Updates

And a Fun Book If We Get There…

On the Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Kickstarter campaign, I had added a Christmas anthology of Pulphouse stories at the top level. Yesterday, Allyson reminded me that we had a Christmas collection of Pulphouse stories as a stretch reward before that we never got to. It was titled JINGLE MY BELLS (love that title) and we even have a cover for it. (Cover below…)

So I added that into the top level of the Kickstarter and put up the cover on the campaign. This time I hope we get to that level and I honestly think we have a shot. We have eight days to go.

That got me looking at my challenge of publishing 70 books in my 70th year.

Right now I have 48 books published in the challenge and there are 10 more at the moment on the WMG schedule between now and my birthday in the middle of November.

Now granted, publishing 58 books in my 70th year would be just nifty, but with the five Pulphouse collections that I could easily do in the next three months to get to backers of the campaign, that would get me to 63.

That is darned close.

When I went back and looked at my original plan, I had 12 five-story collections of my stories on the list, but I have done only one so far. (I honestly just sort of forgot about them until now. Amazing since I am teaching collection classes all the time.)

Two or three of those collections are Bryant Street stories out of the hundred plus Bryant Street stories I have written.  Those I have been wanting to do for years now.

The question is could I do two collections a month between now and November and could WMG work them into an already busy schedule? They tell me the answer is sure. The reason is that we have already used all the stories in Smith’s Monthly that I would use for the collections. So already proofed and formatted.

I would do the cover and introduction and between Kris and I reading it, that would not need to be proofed. So putting it together and launching it will take the time.

So it might be possible to do.

No matter what, this challenge of publishing 70 major books with my name on the cover in my 70th year on the planet has been completely successful. In one year I will publish more major books than many writers ever manage in their career.

I will put a list up of all the books and when they were published when it hits the end or when I hit 70.

And those of you wondering how you make a living with writing and indie publishing, let me simply say, “Duh.” I am showing you how.


  • Vincent Zandri

    Love that last line. You are showing us how to make a living and have fun doing it. Plus you still have plenty of time for other things like running and just plain enjoying life! Yesterday I had ten minutes before I had to leave for a dentist appointment. I sat down and wrote two pages on my new WIP. It was a fun ten minutes.