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A Couple of Photos

And A Cat Picture…

We are in the final stage of moving, basically getting some boxes of books on shelves and putting up art. The art is taking some time because some of it we can’t put in some places because it is original signed art and we have far, far too much bright light.

And we have a ton of concrete walls. One such concrete wall is between two massive windows on our main floor (our condo is two floors) in our main living room (we have three living room areas). So I managed to use a few hooks and such that had been put in to the concrete to hang a few pictures and we both like the result.

The wall has a ton of light all day, nothing direct, just a bright room, so we put four of the Doc Savage art pieces that were originally Bantam book covers. These were done by James Bama back in the 1960s. (He did about 80 of the covers I think.) They are not signed that we know of, since we have never taken one out of the frame, but they will hold up pretty well in the bright light and they look kind of nifty.

Trust me, that big chair in the corner is a comfortable as it looks. And has a fantastic view over all of downtown. On the other side of the window on the left we have hung a signed, limited image of the Starship Enterprise that in one of the movies the painting hung in Picard’s office and on Picard it hangs behind his desk in his office in his home. And that is a door out to a patio there on the far left. This is looking West. So one side of the patio door is Trek, the other side Doc Savage. Fun.

The next picture is of Angel helping Kris with a promotion at one of her desks in her office. This desk is in front of her West window. Kris has another desk in front of her South window looking at The Strip, but Angel seems to like to help Kris with promotions on this desk. Beyond the big buildings in the distance is the city of Summerlin.


  • James+Palmer

    Great post, Dean. I am fascinated by other writers’ workspaces. Love the Doc Savage art. It is indeed nifty. We’re contemplating a move, and if all goes well on the sale of our house I’ll have a new office to decorate with books and art. I bought a sci-fi pulp cover calendar a few years ago from Asgard Press. The images are perforated and designed to be framed and hung. A good inexpensive alternative to buying lots of art prints. I’ve got five or six of those hanging in my current space.

    • dwsmith

      Yeah, we use those calendars every year. Right now we have two of them (one for all events, one for running only) hanging near the kitchen. They are great.

  • Cheryl

    You forgot to mention that to the left of the tree with the Doc Savage art is a cat tree.

    Priorities, you know. 😉

    • dwsmith

      Yeah, Kris has a bunch of pictures this morning of Angel fighting off the evil iRobot vacuum from that cat tree.

  • Kate+Pavelle

    Wow, Dean, what a view! Windows such as these, in your climate, were meant for those new solar glass panels. When those become mainstream, we’ll be on a bunch of mini-grids, I think. Looks great!

  • Mark Kuhn

    That view is absolutely gorgeous! From where you are living now, do you guys still have line of sight on that wedding chapel that Kris so hilariously writes about?

    • dwsmith

      We sure do. Just higher up. Problem is Kris used to eat breakfast right over the chapel in a glass nook we had in the last place. Now she eats breakfast in a glass nook that overlooks the pool and The Strip. But we still have clear views of the chapel from that picture I posted yesterday and another living room area we have on the floor above.