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August Workshops Starting

First Half Started…

Second half starts tomorrow night.

And the two Special Workshops, Vastness of Space 2 and Writing Spaceships also both started. These are the last sessions of these two. So if you didn’t take them in July, this is the last chance.

Almost no one signed up for August workshops this time around. Time of Great Forgetting mixed up with this pandemic mess. So no surprise to me. So if you do sign up, it might almost be private lessons. (grin)

Another note. Stages of a Publisher will be gone after August. Last time to get it if interested. And this is the last time for Attitude as a six week workshop as well.

PULPHOUSE MAGAZINE KICKSTARTER also has special workshops that will be offered in September and October, remember. They are only three week workshops and you can get both for $250 pledge to the campaign. You can’t get into them any other way than the Kickstarter. They will never be available on Teachable.

The two workshops are HOW TO WRITE A PULPHOUSE STORY and HOW TO MONETIZE SHORT FICTION. Yes both have similar titles to ones we have done before, but trust me, Kris and I have updated them and changed them so you won’t hardly recognize the originals if you took them. And besides, a lot of information in both to fit into a three-week form.

This will end in just over a week, and you also get some Pop-Up writing classes in the stretch rewards. How many is yet to be determined.

So remember, the August Regular workshops are starting. Time to jump in.

Check them out on WMG Publishing on Teachable.

Class #11… Aug 3rd … Covers 101
Class #12… Aug 3rd … Attitude
Class #13… Aug 3rd … Publishing 101
Class #14… Aug 3rd … Writing with Speed
Class #15… Aug 3rd … Teams in Fiction
Class #16… Aug 4th … Depth in Writing
Class #17… Aug 4th … Kickstarter
Class #18… Aug 4th … (to be announced)
Class #19… Aug 4th … Stages of a Publisher
Class #20… Aug 4th… Killing Critical Voice


  • Erin

    *Gone* gone or *gone to Classic* gone? ‘Cause I’ll admit, the stages of a pubisher builds really well off the stages of a writer lecture.

    • dwsmith

      Stages of a Publisher more than likely will end up Classic at some point. I kind of always figured it would.

      • Nathan Haines

        Oh, that’s good to hear. It is a fantastic workshop, full of what is probably workaday knowledge to anyone in the industry for decades, but really valuable in a “here’s a map, you are here” sort of way that makes sure you’re open to the possibilities.

        Especially since self-publishing has flipped so many traditional myths (already receeding into the past of actuality) on their heads. I felt it was more than worth it when I took it.

  • Linda Niehoff

    Will the Attitude workshop move over to classic? That was one I was interested in but have been holding out for the lifetime subscription at the end of the Great Challenge.

    • dwsmith

      More than likely not. We are going to be doing Attitude classes in the Master Business Class, focused on business to start. I’ll talk with Kris if we should leave it up or not.

  • Nick

    Hi Dean, do these two classes stay accessible to lifetime subscribers, even if they don’t move to ‘classic’ status?

  • Britt Malka

    I’d better do Attitude now, then. It’s not on the lesson plan, but for strange reasons, “Speed” got me procrastinating 😉 That’s probably a sign that I need it.