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Some Licensed Products

Cold Poker Gang Licensed Stuff…

In the mail today I got a nifty box with another metal box inside. It was a set of poker chips in a metal case with an image of the cover of Bottom Pair on the outside of the metal case. And inside each chip was embossed in gold with the words “The Cold Poker Gang.”

I put two decks of The Cold Poker Gang cards inside it in exchange for the regular cards that came with it. I get to keep it for something down the road, because no one took a set in the Kickstarter Campaign. So I get to keep this first one.

I could sell the sets because the chips only have the words embossed on them and the image of the cover on the outside is not critical to what the product is, so I could sell them staying within the regular license of the art without a worry.

However, if I wanted to sell the decks of cards, I would need to get the extended license on all the series art.

I got today as well a test set of cards with only the cover for Bottom Pair on each card. Wow, do they look cool!

But the really cool deck of cards is  the one that has all the covers on them, randomly assigned. Can’t sell those, but I did add them as a give-away to a few rewards, so a few people will get a set, signed by me on the box.

And if I did get the extended license for the art, I could sell the decks on the WMG web site and through the producer of the cards that has a “Marketplace” where they POD sets of cards and sell them. (Like Ingram does with paperback books.) And other places and wholesalers. So at some point.

And I am going to play with Poker Boy cards and chip sets as well. Those will be fun.

Here is what the cards look like. Trust me, when you see your own book covers on backs of cards like this, it is damned cool. (grin)