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Rock ‘n Roll 5 K

We Went Into the Crowds..

Beautiful sunny day (unlike last year). Kris ran the entire thing and I walked it. Kris started in the crowd of 5,000 runners, but because of my shoulder and fear of getting bumped, I was the last one to start. Passed a lot of people once things thinned out but walked the entire way.

10K and Half Marathon are tomorrow and I am not going. Shoulder is just not ready yet for that kind of punishment, so like I did for 5 years in Lincoln City, resetting for next year.

I did run the half marathon five times over the last five years once we got down here, but I am okay with missing this one. I got the 5K at least. And we got some fun plans for next year so stay tuned.

Here are a bunch of fun pictures. I am sure Kris will have more on her Facebook page.





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  • Scott William Carter

    Rock on, Dean! Whether it’s walking, running, or crawling on all fours (hopefully it won’t come to that!), the key is to get moving so we keep the rust at bay, and anything that motivates us in that regard is a good thing, I think. For me, it’s the dog. Even when I don’t feel like getting out for a long walk, I’ll do it for my intrepid Irish Setter. 🙂