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Bryant Street Surveys Are Out…

Thank You to All Backers…

Surveys are out and I hope you backers get them back in quickly. That way everyone can get books and workshops and such.

And the chance to write for Pulphouse directions will be sent at the beginning of each month as an update for backers only.

Speaking of reading for Pulphouse, I only have a few of the Holiday ones left to read, a few more of the Fall and the Light themed ones. The last two themes I have not started reading for yet, but making good progress overall.

By the end of March I should be all caught up, barring crazy things happening.

I am enjoying the reading a lot.

One thing I did not mention in my series about this reading, I notice when a writer is writing with confidence. Major positive. Can’t explain how I can tell, but it is obvious when I am reading. Those writers tend to have a lot of short stories through their fingers.

So a Friday night update.