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Ramping Back Up Exercise

Got So Crazy Busy, I Let It Slide…

Also had some blood blisters that I kept making worse (wrong shoes, fixed that problem). So finally today I got back up to 4 miles, and will keep that and ramp up a little more to 5 miles plus a day starting Monday. Then in a few weeks after that ramp up to six miles a day minimum. (Starting a streak.) Also starting Monday cutting back to 1,200 to 1,500 calories, with a lot of protein to start dropping a few of the winter and injury pounds.

Like a lot of us, I have gained a few pounds since the marathon in November, (Covid pounds) but I am still in very good shape. And as soon as Kris gets her two shots, I will be headed back to the gym every day. (Been dreaming about that, actually and I am most certainly not a gym rat. Just really miss it.)

And signed up for two half marathons so far this fall and might do another full marathon if I am a bunch lighter and in better shape than I was in November. Might do one right after I turn 71. And this fall will be a ton of 10K runs I am looking forward to. Really have missed them.

My Publishing Challenge

I am behind the pace I should be. I should be just over 20 books, but am at eleven books at the moment. However, I have a bunch, and I do mean a bunch of stuff coming out, including in April six Colliding Worlds collections, six more Pulphouse Issues, nine more Smith’s Monthly Issues, the novels in them, more collections, more Pulphouse collections that are on the schedule, a bunch more cat books, four Cave Creek books, and so on. It adds up by the middle of November pretty close to 70 major books published. So happy with the progress so far. Basically published three major books a month so far getting everything started.

And speaking of Cave Creek, I am back reading. Hang on folks, I will get answers back to you this weekend. Got to have the books turned in on Monday.

Again, make sure you check out the incredible workshops offered on The Return of the Fey Kickstarter campaign. We just went past another stretch reward so another $150 Pop-Up Class for everyone. That makes four now to all supporters. Plus some wonderful reading.

And trust me, you do not want to miss that really special workshop Kris is doing called Lessons from the Writing of the Fey. You can not believe what that series of seven books put Kris through over the years. Kris is going to write about it, do a book on it, then do videos about the issues and the lessons, and then she and I are going to do a major class on the lessons, with five or more videos for each of her blogs. Major publishing and writing learning. Nothing ever done like it.

It will not be a workshop, but a class, so it is not in any subscription and you can get it at a discount on the Kickstarter.

Check it out at The Return of the Fey Kickstarter. And help us pass the word about this one. Some more great new stretch rewards and Pop-Up classes to give away.

Stay safe and get your shot when you can. We are almost through this.