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Great Start!!

Wow! Just Wow!

The Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Subscription Kickstarter got off to a fantastic start. We funded in record time and today while I was out moving a billion boxes of books into storage, the campaign flashed past our second stretch reward and tonight is well on the way to the third.

Next couple of days I will do a post here about all the cool stuff in that campaign. Great reading and great stuff for writers as well.

But right now I have this very needy little white cat on my lap while I am trying to type. She is holding one of my arms and threatening to bite if I don’t stop moving, so as normal in this house, the cats win and I am going to stop for the night, (Took a long time to write that sentence. Win, no teeth marks.)

So check out the Pulphouse Kickstarter. And thanks for all the support.


  • Britt+Malka

    Haha, cats always win that game.

    Dogs aren’t too bad either.

    My dog, Nefnef, comes up next to my chair and puts her paw up on my elbow and scratches me.

    I ignore her, which takes some effort.

    Then she rises on her hindlegs and scratches my shoulder. I rarely ignore this. But if I do, her next move is to bring me either a ball or a teddy, because that must be the best gift in the world.

    By then, I cannot ignore her anymore and I follow her to the balcony where we look for cats. She loves cats.