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Turn On E-Mail in Teachable…

If You Are Taking Classes From Me and Kris…

On the big workshops, such as The Business Master Class, Licensing, Kickstarter Best Practices, Decade Ahead, and a few others, I send out emails to those in the class when something new is posted so no one misses it. But many of you just clicked off the email on Teachable when you signed up, so don’t get those notices.

So to turn it back on if you want, here is how…  Sarah looked it up and found it and explained it clearly… Thanks, Sarah.

I found it by going to the main WMG Dashboard in Teachable that shows all the courses, then clicking on my profile circle up in the right hand corner. Drop down menu appears, then select “edit profile.” New screen pops up and in right column there were three contact preference boxes to toggle on under my name/email.

As we ramp up the Business Master Class and bring back Licensing and Decade Ahead and other stuff, won’t hurt to have that on. I promise not to spam you all.

Now look at that, I hit my nightly blog challenge early and can go back to working on the novel. Thanks, Sarah for that as well. (grin)


    • dwsmith

      It will be in 51 and it has changed since I skipped off the challenge this month. I’ll do a post explaining it all.

  • Martin

    Speaking of emails, your websites newsletter never seems to work for me, no matter what email I sign up with. It would be great to get a notification whenever you publish a new blog post. Just like Kris does it. I never miss any of her posts but with your posts I always have to check your website.

    • dwsmith

      Martin, that’s because I blog every day and have for 9 years now, without missing a day. And I send out one or two newsletters a year. Yup, I know I am backwards. (grin)

  • Martin

    haha okay. Now I know its not my email program thats somewhow broken. Thanks for blogging every day. I enjoy reading them. The view from your new office looks amazing!

  • Jack Norton

    Hey Dean! Could you send out a test email for those of us that have it turned on but didn’t get anything ? Also, it seems like the opt-out is the default setting fwiw. ✌️❤️?

    • dwsmith

      It might be, but 95% of anyone signing on has it on. Strange.

      I will do an email next week to everyone announcing the Kickstarter because it has two workshops in it that you can’t get anywhere else. So Tuesday that will go out. A good test. Otherwise, most only go to the people signed up for a specific workshop like the Master Business Class or Decade Ahead (when it fires back up) and so on. But the announcing the two special workshops will go out to everyone on Tuesday. Thanks!!