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Playing with Licensing

Masks… Annoying and Fun…

About a month ago I ordered thirty WMG masks from a company. All good except that once I was done they said they would deliver them on the 8th of August. Haven’t seen them yet, but not a chance in the world I will ever use that company again. I felt scammed. So no matter how good they look, nope, just nope…

So I found another company that promised quick turn-around and reasonable prices, so I ordered a four-pack of Pulphouse masks from them and got them five days later, from London. Not kidding. And they were easy to do, looked wonderful, were comfortable, decent priced, and fit me and Josh. (I ordered mediums.) I wear mine all the time, have washed it a bunch of times, and it’s doing great and still colorful.

So now we had gotten through step one of a licensing issue, finding a partner, and this place also sold masks directly to customers if we wanted. A second win.

So with the Diving Kickstarter coming, figured we would do more tests to get a really nifty mask for the few who wanted one through the Kickstarter. Then we can put both mask designs on our web site later if we want. And do others as well. You know, licensing and cash streams.

And we bought the correct rights from the artists to do these, so off we went to order some Diving masks, in a four-pack as we had done with the Pulphouse mask.

Five days later (today) they showed up and are great fun and look super. This time we ordered smalls and they fit Kris perfectly.

So if you want one of these Diving masks, you can get one as a reward or add-on in the Return of Boss Kickstarter campaign. We will ask your size in the survey at the end.

One thing I forget sometimes is how much fun this business can be in general. It was exciting to have the masks arrive today.

Here are a few fun pics of Kris in her mask when they arrived.


  • Kate Pavelle

    That looks great! I feel your pain when it comes to the delivery times. I created some items on RedBubble and the masks took weeks to arrive. Fortunately I sew and this was a quality control/vanity purchase, but still. That’s too long.

  • Michèle Laframboise

    Did the “better” company ship from London, UK or from London, Ontario?
    (I’m using a USA company beginning with V_ that has a shipping office in Windsor, ON. I hope it is not the disappointing company.)