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One Day Left in the Fantasies Collide Kickstarter!!

Don’t Miss This One…

Amazing Stuff in this one. I’m going to repeat much of what I said last night because only 1 Day Left. And we hope you will help us pass the word. You can find it at FANTASIES COLLIDE Kickstarter Campaign.

Here is what all backers get extra at this moment (besides the award they backed).

  • All five FANTASIES COLLIDE collections in electronic format. ($30 Value)
  • Eight fantasy novels or anthologies in electronic format. ($40+ Value)
  • Seven writing classes focused on fantasy writing and topics. ($1,050 Value)

Very possible to get all backers even more fun reading and workshops. And Pop-Up Classes that are in the stretch rewards can be given to another person if you are not a writer.

And only 1 Day left to get the very special writing workshops that are part of this campaign. They will never be offered anywhere else, so don’t miss these. Kris and I worked on them and a couple of the Pop-Ups today. These are going to be so, so much fun. And challenging, I promise.


This is a special three-week workshop on creating 100 fantasy prompts (and story ideas) to start stories. That’s right, in three weeks we will show you how to create fantasy prompts (and story ideas) suited just for you for every kind of fantasy you can imagine. And by the time the three weeks are over, you will not only have written a story that Kris will read and give you feedback on, but you will also have a list of 100 fantasy prompts to use going into the future.

That’s right, Kris will read these stories, something she rarely does.

This special workshop will only be offered through this Kickstarter. Plus you get all five FANTASIES COLLIDE volumes in electronic format.


This is a special three-week workshop on how to write and understand how to create fantasy from elements of your own life. Amazing how so many writers never use what they know or have experienced in writing fantasy stories. This class will teach you how to do it. In three weeks we will help you unlock that skill.

And the third assignment will be a writing a short story that Kris will give you feedback on. Yes that is right, Kris will read the stories and respond.

–Get Both Workshops at a Discount!!

You can get both special workshops under the $250 reward level or as an add-on. In two short classes you will take your fantasy writing to another level.

And remember, as a bonus you get all five FANTASIES COLLIDE volumes with any reward.

Both three-week classes will be offered starting February 7th or March 7th. Your choice. They will not interfere if you are taking other workshops at the same time.

FANTASIES COLLIDE Kickstarter Campaign.

Only 1 Day left. Don’t miss out on this one. And don’t miss reading 50 of my fantasy stories and 50 of Kris’s.




  • Gerald

    Hi Dean,

    I know that this isn’t a relevant post to post this comment but I couldn’t find anything else in recent posts that was.

    I was just wondering what your thoughts are on ChatGPT and other AI writing tools?

    • dwsmith

      At the moment too undeveloped to be worth playing with. AI for audio is very close to being worth the time and energy. AI for art and covers is still in copyright limbo and too dangerous to mess with. I doubt the writing AI will ever be anything more than a way to make your fiction plain and same (which does not sell), just like using a grammar checker does. But audio and eventually art AI will be very helpful tools to indie writers. Audio sooner than art.