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Here Are The Pop-Up Classes…

Kris and I have been working on a bunch of Pop-Up classes the last few days.

We are first getting out the four stretch reward Pop-Up classes from the Pulphouse Kickstarter and at the same time I am working on the stretch reward Pulphouse anthologies. We promised them all this spring and the Pop-Ups will be ahead of that. Anthologies will be one per month.

Here are the four that will go live on Teachable to buy and the backers of the Pulphouse Kickstarter will be sent codes for in the next few weeks.

  • Pop-Up #80… Turning Big Ideas into a Short Story
  • Pop-Up #81… Turning a Small Idea into a Short Story
  • Pop-Up #82… How to Change the Setting to Change a Story
  • Pop-Up #83… How to Write the Same Idea in Multiple Genres

Kris and I have also started detailing out the following Pop-Up classes that will be sent to all backers in early February of the FANTASIES COLLIDE Kickstarter that will end at 7PM tomorrow.

So if you want the first four and didn’t get into the Pulphouse Kickstarter, you have to buy them when they go liave, but if you want the ones below, you still have time to back the FANTASIES COLLIDE campaign. I would suggest getting the two special workshops in the campaign, since those will be so much fun.

Here are the stretch reward Pop-Ups for Fantasies Collide Kickstarter (ends 7pm Thursday).

  • Pop-Up #84… How to Write Weird Fantasy
  • Pop-Up #85… How to Write Urban Fantasy
  • Pop-Up #86… How to Write Creature Fantasy
  • Pop-Up #87… How to Write Other Worldly Fantasy
  • Pop-Up #88… How to Write Dark Fantasy
  • Pop-Up #89… How to Write Superhero Fantasy
  • Pop-Up #90… How to Write Goofy Fantasy
  • Pop-Up #91… How to Write Twilight Zone Style Fantasy (Not hit yet.)

Plus all backers at this point get 8 fantasy novels and anthologies, besides the $1,050 worth of workshops. Again, #91 is not hit yet, but one day to give it a run. Fantasies Collide Kickstarter.

Plus if you are going to back the campaign, take a look at the two special workshops that are only offered through this campaign. They are really, really fun if you are going to be or are writing fantasy.

And yes, if you are not interested in those Pop-Ups, you can give them to another writer.


  • Mike Southern

    WOW! Talk about being busy! You and Kris must be going crazy right now… and we all really do appreciate it. Esxpecially given all the health problems you’ve dealt with lately. Thanks, Dean.

  • Randy Canegaly

    When new Pop-Up classes are created do they get added to what can be accessed under a Lifetime Subscription to Pop-Up classes?