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New Fey Novel Kickstarter…

Launching at Noon Today!!

Barkson’s Journey…

A Race Against Time and The Fey

When Augusta Kirilli discovers that someone wants to destroy her entire family, she needs to warn them. Warning her family, scattered all over the Qavnerian Protectorate, proves almost impossible and extremely dangerous. So she hires the one person who can reach them quickly—Lucinda Barkson.

Lucinda Barkson, tough and dedicated, with a mysterious past. Lucinda Barkson, who sets out immediately, armed with fourteen letters for the Kirilli family, a partially accurate map, and a dozen different weapons. Lucinda Barkson, who soon realizes she faces warriors from the greatest military in the world—The Fey. 

With its nail-biting pace and shocking twists, this thrilling novel continues Rusch’s masterful melding of epic fantasy and steampunk while continuing to cement her place as the greatest storyteller of our time.

Yes, the book is that good. A stunning read and so much fun.

And we have the map in this Kickstarter, some fun merchandise, great reading with other books and stretch goals, plus two really special workshops you can only get through this campaign. HOW TO CREATE AND USE FANTASY MAPS and HOW TO CREATE GREAT FANTASY MAIN CHARACTERS. Again, only offered through this campaign and never anywhere else.

Launches at noon on Tuesday. I will be back here then with more information. But for now check out

Barkson’s Journey

(And yes we got a Project We Love from Kickstarter before we launched.)