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New Books As Stretch Rewards

We Have Four Pulphouse Collections Planned…

With other new books on standby.

We will be giving all backers at least these four books as part of the stretch rewards if we hit the the rewards. We will also be giving writing classes as well as stretch rewards for all supporters.

All four books are themed collections of Pulphouse stories, so that our authors make a little more money for their stories and their stories get out again to new readers.

Plus, to be honest, I have a blast editing these. Why wouldn’t I? I love all the stories.

So the link to the campaign is

But for fun, today Allyson, while traveling to teach in Colorado with Kevin J. Anderson, did the four covers for these first four collections. (Yes, she is that amazing.) Here is one for a teaser, to give you an idea of what these new four books will be like. And why you are going to want to subscribe to one of the wildest magazines on the planet.



  • Daniel Fellows

    Hey Dean, I have been following your blog for a while and have read a number of your fiction and non-fiction books so I have a pretty good understanding (I believe) of your attitude towards traditional publishing, agents and the big four publishers in NY. I am an indie author. Having said that, I have always wanted to go through the process of acquiring an agent and get trad published. Juts to go through the experience myself.

    Anyway, I just read an article on Stephen Leather’s website and it reinforced a lot of what you have said in the past.

    (Note to self: Listen to what DWS and KKR say about publishing industry). I especially took note about what it said about agents. That they take a certain percentage of royalties in perpetuity even if an author changes agents. Was this your experience? Or was it different back then?

    Any insights or comments about this would be appreciated.


    • dwsmith

      Daniel, always been that way. Impossible to get out of unless the contract is cancelled and in this new world, that never happens any more. And they are crooks. I sold a ton of books to overseas publishers. I didn’t even see the advance on some of them and never once saw a royalty, even though about half the contracts were owed royalties. Back in the day writers going overseas (before the internet) watched for their friend’s books and brought back copies because often the friend didn’t even know the book existed. Agent sold it and kept all the money. And that is only the tip of the problems. They are far worse than you can imagine. Often very nice people, but total crooks.