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Licensing Expo

Here in Vegas May 24th, 25th, 26th…

I just put up a few more videos on the Master Business Class about the Expo. I will add in a full five to ten more videos on how to best use it this year, take your IP from your computer to a toy in a toy store, or a major game, or whatever license that would fit your IP. So those of you in the Master Business Class, watch the new videos and then stay tuned for more.

Plus other  topics as well coming, including how to handle money and how to deal with taxes.

Yes, it is still possible to sign up for the Master Business Class. It has a lot of stuff already in it, in a certain order. More than worth the cost, not counting that you can join the fun with WMG at the Licensing Expo.

One thing I wanted to say to anyone coming to the Licensing Expo. In case you haven’t read their instructions yet (it is free to sign up), they require proof of vaccination to get your badge to get in.

Also, if you are planning on coming up to the suite that WMG Publishing is going to have there for talking after hours and brainstorming, you must also show us your proof of vaccination. The Licensing Expo and WMG Publishing will make no exceptions.

Same for all the in-person craft workshops. Must have proof of vaccination.

The May Mystery/Caper workshop will get their first story assignment on Monday.  The reading list for the July Romance/Spies will go out this weekend. And yes, there is still room in the July and all other fall in-person workshops. For the Study-Alongs on those, sign up on Teachable. If interested in coming to an in-person workshop, write me.

Starting to get excited for both the May in-person craft workshop and the Licensing Expo. Both are going to be a blast.



    • dwsmith

      Not dead yet. Kris and I want to see the changes at this upcoming Licensing Expo at the end of the month. Them more videos. But two years of pandemic has changed a lot in licensing, so need to get back on track. That way with a number of those longer-term workshops we started at the beginning of 2020 or in 2019. Funny how that has worked. (grin)