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Media Kit Workshop

Changing Some Workshop Stuff…

Going to finally climb off the two-month rotation of workshops and offer every regular workshop every month. Just going to be so much easier, but going to take me a little time to get June workshops, the first month for that, loaded up.

Also the two special workshops, Ideas and Time in Space from the last Kickstarter campaign start their last sessions on May 3rd. Everyone got the links and codes for those a month ago.

As far as the Focused Study stuff, we are still doing that for anything you think you might need help with. We will tell you if it is the right size or if we can help you or not.

But the Media Kit is now going to be a six week workshop with homework and everything to teach you how to do it for yourself. More than likely that will launch in July. Stay tuned on that. But I think that will be an amazing workshop to help writers sell more. (Thanks for the feedback on my post on that.)

I am almost done recording all the world building science fiction Pop-Up classes that were stretch goals in the last Kickstarter campaign. Might have then all done and up in a week or so. Stay tuned on those. I’m having a blast. Really fun topics.

New Collection workshops start on May 3rd as well. The one that has not been done before is Space Opera Collection Class. That should be fun. The other three starting on May 3rd are Portals, Private Eye, and Holiday collection classes.

So that is the update at the moment on workshops. Questions, just write me.


  • Kat

    Very excited to hear the Media Kit is becoming a full workshop. Thanks for that! I was about to email and ask if there was a time limit on that as a mentoring class. I’m not quite ready for it, for the project I want to use the kit with, but I really wanted to do it.

    Thanks for all the classes and workshops, by the way! Makes my brain happy ?

    • E. R. Paskey

      I second this! I saved the whole Media Kit list in that blog post because I’m in the middle of several projects and not ready to use it yet either, but it looked like something I really need to implement. Some of the items I’m already doing, others I hadn’t gotten around to yet, and the rest were things I hadn’t even considered.

      So a workshop teaching how to build these will be fantastic! I am excited! *happy dance* Thank you!

    • dwsmith

      Sure will. It will be a regular workshop, six weeks, and Lifetime Workshop Subscribers will get it automatically.

  • Connor Whiteley

    Hi Dean,
    Looking forward to the media kit workshop. Only problem will be choosing which book to do a media kit for first. Fun problems of being profilic and playing too much.

    Also been meaning to ask, are you and Kris using the thriller and scifi humour study alongs as pratice for how to teach humour for a “more general” humour workshop next year? Would love that workshop.