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May 1st Restart

Some Months Make More Sense Than Others to Restart…

For me, I am used May 1st to restart a number of things.

First, I am restarting my minimum milage per day. I clock steps and for me 2,000 steps on my Fitbit is almost always exactly one mile. So starting May 1st I am going to hit 3 miles (6,000 steps) per day and then every week increase that by 500 steps. I need the exercise and why May 1st is a good time to do that is because as the weather warms up here in Vegas, I will be spending a lot of time daily at the gym, which has an indoor track that is air-conditioned and I can walk and run.

I will not let midnight go by when my watch resets without my minimum step count.

Second, I am restarting my focus on eating healthy and less calories. I will aim each day for 1,500 calories or less per day.  Over the years of doing this, I have become very good at pushing a half-eaten plate away at a restaurant, or just handing it to a service person. Last four months or so, I have not paid any attention and gained about 10 pounds. Time to pay attention again.

Third, I think I will do Stefon’s idea for the writing, (from a comment a few nights back) but going to give myself a week to finish working out some of the details. But if I do that, I will not only be focusing on doing the story per week, but also getting the 20 or so stories I am behind written as well. Should be great fun. I will explain what I am doing when it is set in a few days. But it is still on the challenge of writing 365 short stories this year. And keeping track of all of them and getting them all out.

Why May 1st is good for me to reset and restart. First, the heat is forcing me inside for the next five months, perfect time to do the gym and get into good shape. Second, next fall I want to do a lot of running in races and would like to be way down in weight and in shape. Five months until October 1st, when the first 5K fires up here. I want to be ready and winning my age bracket. And maybe run another marathon next winter. For the writing, 127 days have gone by this year.  So 238 days remaining, lots of time for that many stories, plus catch up the days I have missed. But got to start now.

So May 1st is a perfect reset time for me.

Good luck with your resets.

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  • Leah Cutter

    Like you, I’m doing a reset starting May 1. I need to do everything I can to get my health bank online. This includes getting back to my previous diet, eating 6 cups of veggies every day. You cannot out run your fork.

    I had been following this diet for years. But the knee replacement surgery broke all my systems and I’m finally getting back to them.

    I’d like to set goals for the writing and walking but diet and health have to get aligned first. Then I’ll not only be able to make goals but keep them as well.