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Kris’s Birthday Party

On June 4th Kris Turns 60…

And wow were we going to have a party for her. But, as you may have guessed, past tense on that party. We will do it next year now, as many of you are doing as well for birthdays.

But I had an idea. You see, Kris loves cards. Not those electronic type, but real paper birthday cards. So with her permission (since she had decided she didn’t want to do anything instead… but I promise you, that is not happening on a 60th birthday), I figured it would be really, really cool to have a party anyway, a sort of virtual party, not on Zoom or anything, but with birthday cards.

That’s right, a birthday card party.

So you are all invited to a card birthday party for Kris’s 60th birthday.

If you would like to be part of this crazy 60th birthday party for Kris, all you have to do is send her a birthday card by snail mail.

Kris loves greeting cards, any kind of cards. Funny card, cat card, homemade card, sentimental card. You know, paper greeting cards wishing her happy birthday. And with you signing it, that will make it special to her, let her know you are attending her birthday card party.

Just a paper card. That’s it.

NO PRESENTS!!! No books, no gift cards nothing.  Just a plain old happy birthday greeting card would be so, so cool.

She would love that.

We have a table I would love to fill with cards and I promise there will be cake, a huge cake in fact, even though none of you can be here to eat it (sorry). Kris and I will do our best, however. (grin)

And the card can arrive any time before June 4th. Earlier the better. She will treasure them, I promise you. And I will take lots of pictures.

So if you would like to help Kris celebrate her 60th birthday, take part in her virtual card party, just send a birthday card to:

Kristine Rusch, 353 E. Bonneville Ave., #907, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Crazy times call for crazy solutions and with all your help, this will be a birthday Kris will never forget.


(Any questions, just write me. And again, no presents. Just a birthday card.)


  • Céline Malgen

    What a fantastic idea! Now let’s just hope the cards will get there on time, especially the ones coming from far away, but it will be great to know that Kris still gets a special party for her birthday, even if it’s very different from a regular party.

    Just like you did something really nice for your anniversary, creating wonderful memories despite the situation. I love your attitude!

    • dwsmith

      Thanks, Celine. That’s why sending them early isn’t a problem to make sure they get here. I think it will be really fun and special. And different.


    GREAT idea, Dean!
    I will absolutely get a card out to Kris.

    I learned something about my writing process today. Time in the chair is critical, for me anyway. I learned that if I take too long to write a story, then my cycling backwards actually becomes rewriting if I allow too much time between writing sessions.

    That sound normal?

    • dwsmith

      Yeah, it can happen. And too much time, like days or a week between sessions means you have to spend time getting the story back in your head.

    • Mike

      I have noticed this, too. One of the unsung benefits of cruising through a story (aside from finishing it ‘faster’) is that it stays much fresher in the forefront of your mind. And it can be fun, kind of the same way that devouring a book is fun.

      And like Dean says, getting away from it for any length of time basically adds “read half a book” to the length of time it takes you to finish it.

      • Mark Kuhn

        Yeah, Mike, I agree.
        I found an old story on my hard drive that I had started a long time ago, before Writing into the Dark changed the game for me.
        So I tried to continue where I left off. Critical voice tried to get involved so I pulled the plug and basically started over from word one with the same idea. Then I was off to the races. It’s going to be a long story, but it will be finished this time.

  • Martin

    Excellent idea, Dean. I will send a beautiful birthday card this week. It’s a long way from Northwest Germany to Nevada 😉

  • Thomas Bennett

    I used to make and send my card. I used to use before all my cards were sent to me “return to sender” Very interested to know if my card gets there. I included my email address so she’ll know who it was from because I couldn’t physically sign it. Thanks for including us!

  • Alea

    This actually has historical antecedents. Wearing my historian hat, I’m currently working on a non-fiction project around early 20th century post cards and there are a number of references to throwing someone a post card shower for their birthday. So you could describe the birthday card party also as a birthday card shower . . .

  • Dale T. Phillips

    You’ve both done so much for other writers, just had to send a card. It’s a strange one- had to use what we had on hand. But it says Thank you, and that’s for all you’ve both done. Hope her day is a happy one.