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A Few Questions I Got Today…

What made me think of a lot of people sending Kris birthday cards?

Actually, it was thinking about how bummed I was about Kris not being able to have a lot of her friends around her on her 60th birthday. That’s a special day. But nothing at all I could do to change that fact this year. Then it struck me that if friends sent cards, I could stand the cards up on the table, and even though the friends were not there, they would be represented at the party. And that would be fun.

And Kris was touched by the idea and likes it. And I think it will make it a memorable birthday, that’s for sure, for more than just the one during the virus.

Why Do You Have Romance-Like Fonts on the Top of Your Web Site?

I think this was asked by someone who hasn’t read one of my books in the last sixty or so novels. Every one of them has a major romance element in it, and I use the Romance Team structure for every book these days. The art at the top of this site is on my Thunder Mountain novel, Melody Ridge, which is not only a Thunder Mountain book, but the origin story for all my Jukebox short stories. (Many of you have read Jukebox Gifts, this is the book that explains where the Jukebox came from.)

So I figured time travel western romance. Might as well have the top of my web site sort of hint at parts of that. (grin) Plus I thought it looked cool.

Will You Ever Do Another Workshop Sale?

Nope. Or unless the entire world shuts completely down again in the fall or something, but that will not happen (I hope.) We did the three to help writers stay busy through the lock down and focused on writing. And we did the Kickstarter Bundle that helped writers get a lot of writing books and lectures and workshops. And then Kris did a StoryBundle for writers that is going on right now with some fantastic books on writing and a lecture that you can get all of it for $15.00

So we are done at the moment as the world starts to open back up. Back to business as normal for us, which means writing and publishing. I am back writing, working on short stories and about to go back to the Cave Creek novel finally. And Kris is writing like crazy on yet another new Diving novel.

So those were three questions I got today by email.

And get those birthday cards in the mail, folks. It will be a grand party and I would love to have you all attend (via card).