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Brandon Backed All Publishing Kickstarters

Or at least all the viable ones. How cool is that? And he helped a number of them fund and watching the video is also great fun.

He, or one of his people, backed the RESCUE TWO campaign as well. Thanks, Brandon!

Over the years I have backed a lot of campaigns, but never as many as he did today. Number totaled over 300. Wow!

And he said at the end that readers now will start thinking of Kickstarter as a way to find books. Basically we are all creating a new market to help readers find new books, new authors, and innovative publishing products. How cool is that?

Rescue Two Kickstarter Campaign is doing great. We are about to hit the 6th stretch reward. Right now, after hitting five stretch goals, all backers get the following extra on top of whatever reward they picked.


A Billion Earths: A Seeders Universe Collection

Life of a Dream: An Earth Protection League Novel

Ball of Confusion: An Earth Protection League Novel

The End Might Be Interesting After All (short story collection)

Time for Cool Madness: A Marble Grant Collection


Writing workshops on Teachable (valued at $150 each)





So we hope you will join in the fun in the last five days of the campaign. And if you are already a backer, help us pass the word to get you even more cool stuff.

Plus, if you haven’t read a Seeders novel yet, and you enjoy Star Trek and other space opera, I think you might be surprised. Give one a try.


    • dwsmith

      Not at all sure what there is to be afraid of. Get Loren’s book and also just log into the free stuff on our Teachable and then study a bunch of them and take notes, find what works for you. Start at $500 ask. They are great fun once you get past the early learning curves.

      • T Thorn Coyle

        I agree with Dean.
        The free class is excellent, as is Loren’s book. Plus, you get the support of folks who’ve already taken the class.
        My first Kickstarter last August far exceeded my expectations. Getting ready to launch my second one now. Take a breath and dive in!

  • Mihnea+Manduteanu

    But wait, people said he’s sucking the money and lofe out of the market and he’s killing the smal publishers and all that. Evil Brandon!

  • Sam

    You’ve been talking about Kickstarter and how much money is to be made for so long! Thanks for always being a trailblazer!

    • dwsmith


      I just like finding new ways to get books out to readers. And have fun. And kickstarter campaigns fill both those desires.

  • Christina York

    I am launching my first Kickstarter on Tuesday, thanks to the teaching, encouragement, and support of Dean and Loren. Don’t be afraid of it! Read the book, watch the Teachable videos. If I can do this, so can you!
    And really, truly, what is the absolute worst that could happen? Will anyone die? Will you be banned from polite society? (Is that even a threat? Most writers aren’t fit for polite society anyway! LOL) No. The worst thing that could happen is — nothing. The campaign doesn’t fund and – nothing.
    There are no consequences.
    Let me say that again. THERE ARE NO CONSEQUENCES.
    You can even re-tool the campaign to make it better and try again.
    Start small, set reasonable expectations. I’m starting with $500, hoping I can have a successful first campaign. But if I fail I still have a book ready to release, and maybe a few names to add to my mailing ist.

  • J. Steven York

    Well, luck of the draw, but our Kickstarter for my wife Chris’ new Cozy Mystery novel starts Tuesday, so we missed it! Dang! But this is our first go-around running a Kickstarter, and we’re scrambling nerviously to promote it and trying not to set our expectations too high (or too low). If we can fund, at our fairly modest level, I’ll be thrilled. There are a million things we could have done better, and we could have waited six months to try any build up her long-neglected social platform to support it, but it just makes more sense to jump into the deep and of the pool and treat it as a learning experience. We’re getting attention for the book we wouldn’t have otherwise, and the book was complete and ready to go, so why delay? It’s getting published, one way or another.