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Lifetime Subscriptions

Lifetime Pop-Up Subscription…

We are going to add it, and the first time it is being offered is for half price as a reward in the RESCUE TWO Kickstarter Campaign.

It will be up next weekend at full $3,000 price on Teachable. And shortly there will be 79 different pop-ups included in it.  With more coming all the time.

Also, a real amazing deal is the Lifetime Workshop Subscription. It is also a reward on the Kickstarter at half price for the four days the campaign has left.

We also have Lifetime Subscriptions to the Study Along classes (included all the old ones already done) and lectures, but neither of those are half price on the Kickstarter campaign.

So only four days left to grab one of those two lifetime subscriptions, or any other reward on the Kickstarter campaign. Close to the 7th stretch reward, which is very cool.


  • Nathan Haines

    Although it really goes without saying, the Lifetime Workshop Subscription is literally close to priceless in value. There’s so much to learn about any craft, much less as wide and varied as writing, but these workshops work to center and orient you.

    For example, the Writing with Depth workshop didn’t teach me anything I didn’t kinda know… but over six weeks you take one sentence that sounds perfectly ordinary, nothing wrong with it, and start building on it. Learning what depth is, how to write with it, how to ground a reader. And most importantly, why you’re doing this.

    Instantly, friends and first readers started saying how much better my writing had become. Without me mentioning anything. The best part is, if I go back to things I wrote before the class, I can see where I was trying to avoid fake details and add depth, but now that I understand depth, and it’s sunk into my subconscious, it just happens naturally when I write.

    Now imagine 71 other workshops along with that one, just waiting for you.

    The Pop-Up lectures are a little more hit or miss for me, but each one has a relevant story prompt, and every so often Dean just casually mentions something that makes you sit up because it’s revolutionary. (I think the latest thing I noticed was just WHY it helps to study openings, in the Mystery Openings pop-up. Thanks, Dean.)

    In any case, anyone considering one of those pledge rewards for this campaign is going to get far, far more than they bargained for.

  • T Thorn Coyle

    I agree, Nathan! The Lifetime Subscription has been a huge help for me.

    One thing I like about it is that sometimes I want to officially take a class, turn in assignments, and reap the full benefit of Dean and Kris’s expertise.

    But other topics that I’m maybe not as excited about? Or when I don’t have time in my schedule to apply myself fully? I don’t officially enroll. I just watch the videos over breakfast to study and get some concepts floating in my brain. Every little bit helps. So the Lifetime Subscription takes performance pressure off and gives me access to study a bunch of things I otherwise wouldn’t sign up for.