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Kickstarter is Live!!!

And Fun for Me!!

You can see it at DEAN WESLEY SMITH Starter Kit. 

All kinds of my books, some great special workshops coming back from other Kickstarters (You get a choice if you missed one before) and some fun stretch rewards, including a brand new lecture series.

And I was going to add the challenge there as well, but alas it breaks Kickstarter Rules. Sorry.

And take a look at the branding. I’ll talk about it later.

Only ten days on this one, so really tight turn. Don’t miss it.



    • dwsmith

      Wagering or prize pools. You are wagering (even though you can’t lose) on writing words. Thankfully I know who to call at Kickstarter to check. Thought it might. I was right.

      • Aaron Poehler

        Ah, makes sense. Thanks Dean, good to know for future reference when I get around to taking on Kickstarter myself.