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Kickstarter campaign starts tomorrow. You want to get a sense of what I write since I never talk much about my own books here, take a look at ten of my series we are offering first books in the Starter Kit.

We launch at noon West Coast Time, but the promotion page is up. That way you can have Kickstarter contact you the moment it fires off. And trust me, if you back a campaign quickly, it really, really helps us. A lot.

First books of ten of my series, plus some great special workshops (actually your choice of five) and a series of new lectures on writing dialog in the stretch rewards. Plus the stretch rewards have even more of my books that are not in any series.

Yeah, I have written a lot of stuff. (grin)

Here is the video for the campaign which shows a lot of series books. Kind of a fun one for me to see. I seldom get this kind of perspective on my own work, let alone have it be a focus like this.

And the campaign is only ten days long. So don’t delay on this one. Launches at noon.

Here is the video. Might have to click twice on it.



  • Connor Whiteley

    Hi Dean, definitely looking forward to this one.

    Would it be possible for you to add the Dean Challenges to reward levels please? Because European authors have to pay VAT so for the full challenge we have to pay $120 extra for the workshop (thats the UK rate). I would rather pay the $120 for something that would help my author business and not the government. Like getting more workshops.

    So having the reward as a kickstarter reward helps save us VAT.

    I think all of us non-US authors would be extremely grateful. Thanks.