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Workshops in Kickstarter


They were from earlier Kickstarters and have not been for sale and never will be outside a kickstarter campaign. So since this is for ten of my book series, (Dean Wesley Smith Starter Kit) we went looking for some old special workshops that fit some of my series.

And we found five that you may have missed when they went by over the last five years.

So here is the write-up about them from the campaign…


The ones we brought back are the ones that fit with one or more of my series in the Starter Kit.

You can get your choice of one, two, three, four, or all five. I will write you after the surveys are in to get your choice and when you want to take each one.

All five workshops will be offered every month for five months, starting in April.

Each is three weeks long, and the third assignment for each is to write a story I will read. If you are taking other workshops, these do not tend to get in the way.

Here are the five special workshops that were offered in previous campaigns that are back for this Dean Wesley Smith Starter Kit campaign only.

You can take your choice of one, two, three, four, or five. Again, all five offered every month for five months so lots of choices as to when to take them. All will start the second Tuesday of every month.

  • WRITING MYSTERY SERIES (To go with my Cold Poker Gang Series.)
  • WRITING HISTORICAL FICTION (To go with my Thunder Mountain Series.)
  • WRITING SPACE OPERA (To go with my Seeders Series.)
  • WRITING IDEA FICTION (To go with Poker Boy and Marble Grant series.)
  • MONETIZING SHORT FICTION (To go with my Bryant Street Series and others.)

 More for a discount…

The more workshops you take, the cheaper each one is.

  • Choice of 1 special workshop … $150.00
  • Choice of 2 special workshops … $250.00
  • Choice of 3 special workshops … $375.00
  • Choice of 4 special workshops … $500.00
  • All 5 special workshops … $550.00

And remember, as a bonus you get the Dean Wesley Smith Starter Kit with any of these with ten of my first books in ten different series.

This is a very short campaign, with only eight days left, so don’t hesitate on this one.