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Kickstarter Is Live!!

WMG Holiday Spectacular 2023 Kickstarter!

We just went live. WMG Holiday Spectacular.

We have some fantastic art and a fun design to this year’s campaign, plus this year we have THREE holiday Special workshops and we have merchandise.

And, of course, the Holiday Spectacular Calendar which has 40 original stories in it, one per day from Thanksgiving through January 1st.  You get the Calendar with any reward, including the workshops.

The three special workshops you can only get through the Kickstarter are:

  • EDGE OF YOUR SEAT…  Writing short thriller holiday stories.
  • DON’T MESS WITH THE BIG ELF… Writing contemporary or historical holiday stories.
  • MAKE THE READERS SMILE… Writing short romance holiday stories.

Here is the description from the campaign…

This winter, editor Kristine Kathryn Rusch will be reading for next year’s Holiday Spectacular and for the three anthologies that the stories will fit into. She wants to help the writers create top-flight stories. So this year we are offering three special workshops, one for each genre area of next year’s Holiday Spectacular.

These are three-week craft workshops put together by Kris and presented by Dean Wesley Smith. There are two assignments, one per week, and then on the third week you will write a story that Kris will consider for the WMG Holiday Spectacular 2024 Calendar of Stories and the anthologies. (Yes, you can take the workshops and not write a story for consideration in the calendar next year. Kris will still read it; just tell her before she does.)

Not only are these major learning opportunities to improve your craft and understanding of areas of genres, but also a chance to be in the 2024 calendar.


And we have really cool holiday mugs, pillows, coasters, puzzles, and blankets with the incredible art from the campaign.

Check it out. Just went live!!

WMG 2023 Holiday Spectacular

And here is the video Kris did explaining a lot of it. (Click twice to start it.)


  • Connor Whiteley

    Looks amazing Dean and those puzzles are beautiful. If you did international shipping that might be a few Christmas presents sorted.

    Looking forward to those workshops. They’re going to be amazing fun.