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Pulphouse Has Returned Again…

My Introduction to Issue 22

Issue #22 of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine is publishing today, right on time. It is now monthly. And wow does it feel great to have it back.

Here is my introduction to this new issue, explaining some of what happened to make us have to take a break and then restart today.

We’re Back! Again!!

For the third, and final time, and this time to stay, Pulphouse Fiction Magazine returns.

The first time we returned was after twenty-one years or so shut down. The first incarnation lasted from 1991 to 1996 and produced 20 issues plus an issue zero. The first incarnation was owned by Pulphouse Publishing Incorporated, and the remains of that company were bought by WMG Publishing Incorporated about fifteen years ago.

So with me editing again, we managed to go for a few years at a quarterly pace until the pandemic shut us down just as it shut down most of the planet.

The second time Pulphouse Fiction Magazine returned was after being shut down by the pandemic for over a year, but that time we returned at six issues per year.

And we did great right up until late October 2022 when one fine fall morning I woke up with a nasty eye infection in my only good eye, and was basically blind. No idea what caused it, had to wait six to eight months to see what would happen.

We had the wonderful holiday issue (#21) already in production and it came out fine in December of 2022, but I was not able to read or put new issues together, and we had not planned to have anyone else do it if something happened to me.

So back into waiting the magazine went as my eye got better.

And during that time, we fixed a bunch of things inside the business side of the magazine, and now we are coming back even stronger.

And more often.

That’s right, we are coming back this third time as a monthly.

Even though we will do fewer stories per month, over the entire year we will publish more fiction than we did on the every other month schedule.

This first monthly issue will be out in October 2023 and off we go again.


That was part of my introduction to the Issue #22, publishing today. Wait until you read the great stories in this one. So cool.

Go to to subscribe or just buy this one issue, and get some really cool merchandise as well. Super fun place.

Also if you want to know how to contact any of the authors who have been in Pulphouse Fiction Magazine, just click on “The Authors” at the top of the page. Each author has their own page.

Here is the cover…