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In Person and Study Along and Novella Classes

In Person Craft Classes in Vegas Return in 2022!!!

That’s right, the limited craft in-person classes are back in 2022. We announced this last summer, but now, since the reading list is about to go out on the first class in March, Kris and I figured it was time to really go over these again.

There will be six classes, all limited to 15 people each here at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas.

For this new series, we have taken the overall topics of Caper, Spies, and Humor and smashed them into six different genres.

March 21st-24th… Thriller Humor (taught by Dean)

May 16th-19th… Mystery Caper (taught by Kris)

July 18th-21st… Romance Spies (taught by Kris)

September 19th-22nd… Science Fiction Humor (taught by Dean)

November 14th-17th… Historical Spies (taught by Dean)

January 9th-12th 2023… Fantasy Caper (taught by Kris)

That’s right, these all start Monday morning, so you would fly in on Sunday and they will end early Thursday afternoon, so fly out Thursday evening or early Friday.

Cost is $750 and everyone must be vaccinated and boosted and show proof. No exceptions. Don’t even ask.

Two Other Workshops Happening With Each One…

If you can’t make the in-person class here in Vegas, we do a Study Along Class online. Same dates, same reading list, same story assignments. While the in-person classes are limited, the study-alongs are not. But they do take time over the four days of the workshop because of watching the videos and writing stories. Their cost is #300.

And if you have taken either the in-person class or the Study Along class for a workshop, we have added an online novella class. Two weeks on the end with videos about writing novellas on the topic and after two weeks you turn in a novella and we read it. The cost for the novella class is $150.

Both of those you can sign up on Teachable.

Also, the Study Along classes have a Lifetime Subscription where you can get them all, plus all the older ones we have done over the last number of years. (The novella classes are not included in the Lifetime.) Lifetime Subscription to the Study Along classes is an amazing deal.

So here are the details.

Each class will have a reading list that we will send out two or more months ahead of the class to both In-Person folks and also Study-Along folks.

The first story-writing assignment will be sent out to both groups two weeks before the workshop starts.

In-Person workshops are $750 for the class. You must pay for your own travel and room. Sunday Night through Wednesday Nights are the cheapest rates in Vegas, one of the reasons we set the workshops from Monday-Thursday. We will have some deals for you with the Golden Nugget.

Study Along workshop on Teachable cost $300 and the class takes place over the exact same dates. Story assignments are due at similar times. The other assignments and exercises that the In-Person class does are not given to the Study Along.

The Novella costs $150 on Teachable and the class starts the same day as the other two end with a bunch more videos about writing novellas or short novels to the topic and you have two weeks to write the novella or short novel.

To sign up for an In-Person class, write me. I can’t hold a spot without payment. But all money is refundable up to 30 days ahead of the class, then it can be transferred.

March 21st-24th… Thriller Humor (taught by Dean)… Still openings.

May 16th-19th… Mystery Caper (taught by Kris)… Only four openings.

July 18th-21st… Romance Spies (taught by Kris)… Only five openings.

September 19th-22nd… Science Fiction Humor (taught by Dean)… Still openings.

November 14th-17th… Historical Spies (taught by Dean)… Still openings

January 9t-12th 2023… Fantasy Caper (taught by Kris)… Still openings

Remember, you must be vaccinated and boosted and show us proof ahead of the class. No exceptions.

These are all going to be a blast and great fun getting back together again.

Questions, just write me.


  • Amy

    Interesting! So for anybody with a lifetime subscription to the study-alongs, do we get all these online classes plus the option of paying an extra $150 for the novella class at the end?

    • dwsmith

      Amy, yes, a lifetime subscription to the Study Along Workshops not only gets you all six that are now available but all the ones we have already done (videos and assignments all there, just can’t turn in assignments on the old ones) plus all the future ones we will do. So yes, it is an amazing deal.

      • Amy

        Thanks, Dean, that sounds great.

        In order to get the reading list and first story assignment, do those of us on the lifetime subscription need to let you know we’re taking part, or do we get those automatically?

        • dwsmith

          Both will just automatically be in the class. No need to let me know you are taking part or not. If you turn in an assignment, I figure you are taking part. (grin)

          The class is in the Lifetime Workshop. I will send an email out over the class list to let people know when both are up.

    • dwsmith

      By the way, there is a new Sandra Bullock movie coming out in March where she is a romance writer of a book called The Lost City. (Also name of the movie) It is a humor thriller movie coming out the same month as the humor thriller workshop. Watch the full trailer on You Tube if you are wondering what in the hell a humor thriller is. Or read one of my Men in Black novels like Green Saliva Blues. That class in March might be one of the most fun we will have in a workshop, both in person and Study Along.

    • dwsmith

      It will be part of the regular February workshops. So yes. And those will be posted this coming week as soon as we get past the second week of December.