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Motivational Monday Again Since I Almost Missed This Blog…

Very Close… Was In Bed Dozing Off…

When suddenly I went, “I didn’t do a blog.” Day 3,424 was almost the last one, but nope, I climbed out of bed and decided since Monday is when Motivational Mondays start, I would just rerun the announcement for it in case anyone missed it. Here it is and now I am going back to bed.

We Finally Pulled the Trigger…

Motivational Mondays have been launched on Teachable and our now live. Kris and I have been talking and planning this for some time and we think it’s going to be great fun and very valuable for those getting it.

Here is how it works:

Every Monday on Teachable (actually Sunday night late so you can view them on Monday morning), Kris and I will put up at least three videos on some motivational topic or another concerning writing, publishing, and all the stuff around writing and publishing. See the partial list below of topics. The idea is to help writers stay on track, get unstuck, sell more, and so on.

There are no assignments, nothing to do, just at least three videos every Monday that are positive and we hope learning and motivational. We are going to do this for the entire year of 2022.

Some of the topics we will be motivational about are:

  • Writing in general
  • Publishing in general
  • Business
  • Craft and Learning topics for writing
  • Time management
  • Critical Voice management
  • Covers
  • Speed of writing
  • Licensing
  • Out of comfort zone
  • Challenges/Streaks
  • Yearly goals/quarterly goals

And so much more. We are not limited at all to those topics.

And if you are signed up in a quarter (or for the full year), you can suggest a topic you might be having issues with and we will do our best to get to that topic quickly in a way that will help everyone watching with the same topic.

Each quarter is $150 for the 13 Mondays times 3 videos. That’s 39 videos, about the same as a regular workshop (42 counting assignments). Three times more than is in a Pop-Up.

And we have a full year bundle for $500 which is a $100 discount.

Also, this first quarter of 2022 will start two weeks early. We are going to practice with three videos each on December 20th and December 27th talking about the motivation on goal setting for the coming year.

Kris and I tend to take a lot of notes about things that would help writers and motivational things and Kris puts some of those in her business blogs and I do some blogs with the ideas, but mostly the notes stay in a big pile. Well, now every week on Monday we can pass to others some of that positive and helpful information and positive ideas we have built up.

All four quarters and the full year of MOTIVATIONAL MONDAYS are now open to sign up on Teachable.

Any questions, feel free to write me. We are excited about this. We have been working on it long enough. (grin)