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In a Suite On the Beach

In Lincoln City…

Spent about three hours up in the warehouse tonight, some of that time talking with Steve and Chris York who stopped by. Wonderful to see them. Some time giving Kris a FaceTime tour.

Ugly amounts of work.

So much really good stuff. Like at one point I was moving a few boxes of toys and found an entire box of Lionel Train Track from the 1950s in great shape. Maybe a 100 pieces. Not a clue what to do with it.

Boxes of stamps (my friend Bill collected stamps). One entire box was stamp collecting supplies. I will keep the US stamps to use (sold the older stamps in an album years ago), but all the albums full of overseas stamps or all the supplies I have no idea what to do with.

And about five boxes (these are all Staples file boxes) full of watches. Maybe 20,000 watches. Not kidding. Very, very heavy.

Three or four more boxes full of old buttons. Massive numbers.

And this was just in one small area trying to dig out so I could take some pictures tomorrow of the big black books.

Going to be an interesting next four days, that’s for sure.

And I forgot to bring a coat (not something someone from summer in Vegas thinks about), but luckily in my office I had my World Series of Poker jacket from five or six years back. Forgot completely how cold it gets here on the beach.

I think I will lose some weight doing all this. Off to get some sleep.



  • Leigh Kimmel

    Plenty of fellow-feel here. I need to do some serious cleaning of two storage units (one business, one personal) and get rid of years of accumulation of stuff. Some to be sold online, some just plain sent to recycling or the landfill. And it’s going to be a monumental effort.

  • Dave Raines

    Put it all behind Plexiglas and call it a museum. Charge people to ooh and aah! Because your description is definitely fascinating. Like you write sales copy or something 🙂

  • James Mendur

    This might be a good time to re-up your old blog post about estates and the hell you went through with your friend’s estate and wills and why you should specify an executor (not your family or friends) in your will and all of that.

    Because a lot of people still don’t get it. They’re going ooh and ahh about those things and not realizing what it means for those left behind.

    • dwsmith

      Really good point. I am still dealing with my friend Bill’s estate, both in the fact that I lost an eye dealing with it and now because a lot of the stuff I am dealing with is his.

      And yesterday, as I was finding homes for so much stuff, I realized that if I had died, they would be doing the exact same thing without me. So thanks, James. I will do that, both on the “stuff” side and the IP side.