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One Scary Long Day

Started at 6:30 am…

Made a ton of progress. Got homes for most everything. Picked up, packed, and moved a ton of boxes.

Didn’t get back to the room here until 9:30, so 15 hours, a lot of steps, and a ton of exercise.

Got some photos of what it looked like when I started. But had great help, Chis and Steve York brought me dinner, and talked with a ton of friends stopping by.

I would have some pictures that I took today, but can’t get them to load. So will do that when I get back. Working on an iPad has limitations, especially when exhausted.

Don’t forget there is only five days or so left on the Cold Poker Gang Kickstarter. Close to the third stretch goal, so help pass the word. And if it keeps going there will be some amazing stretch rewards.