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Recovered From Yesterday…


A two-nap day with a great lunch and a great dinner and a little too much television tonight.

But I still managed two loads from the two condos we are cleaning out this weekend of what was left. A lot of art. Kris and I almost have all the art to the new place we think we are going to use. Now to get all the extra, plus all the stuff I would love to sell at some point out into the storage unit that me and the movers filled yesterday. 10 x 30 foot, all climate controlled. Sadly, we filled it.

What I would love to sell is a ton of old monster movie posters from the 1950s and 1960s. Some classics, that’s for sure, in pretty good shape. Write me if seriously interested. I will give a deal but they are still not cheap. (grin)

Also got a nonfiction library to finish moving up to our top floor in the next few days. Got one large cart load up and on the shelves today. Maybe about a quarter of it. I got 14 flights of stairs today on my Fitbit. That’s because our new condo is two stories tall. Library section is on the top floor, of course.

Tomorrow we start hanging art and I work on the library some more and then I have to figure out what to do with my one and only collection left. Marbles. More than likely an entire load to storage.

So a rough couple of days more and then all done. Cleaners come in next week early and we are out of both. Yay!

And you know I would never have written this blog except for in 9 days I will have gone exactly 9 years without missing a day without a blog here. Every day. No misses. How silly is that?

Off to sleep.