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First Full Day…

Beat Way To Describe It… Ouch!

Not taking any opioids, so pain managed by regular stuff, and managed is a little euphemistic to say the least.

I am in a big brace that Ron Collins came up, and helped me and Kris figure out how to get me in an out of the brace and a garbage bag over my huge bandage so I could shower.


Excited about how well the new special stretch reward on the Kickstarter is doing. We’re trying to get to 160 backers by Sunday evening. Take a look and please pass the word. Really appreciate that.

Thank you, everyone, for all the kind comments and support. I’m slowly getting back to things.


  • Kate Pavelle

    Nothing like a good shower! Re: opioids, I made do without too, although I was stunned that the hospital called in a prescription anyway and the pharmacy filled it against my wishes. It got returned for disposal, unopened. Later I learned that outpatient prescriptions and devices are a huge source of revenue for hospitals, who lose money on inpatient expenses.
    I used the Reveri self-hypnosis app, it worked OK for me.
    Fun fact of the day: jumping spiders are smart enough to stalk their prey, adjusting for the spider species they are about to eat as well as for their environment.

  • Philip

    Glad to hear you’re doing well!

    You’re a tougher man than me. When I had shoulder surgery as a teenager, I took Percocet for a few days to dull the burning pain. Can’t imagine white knuckling it with regular stuff.

    Then again, you’re built differently than mere mortals. Keep at it!