Made it Home…

Long Day…

Hunting and pecking to make sure I get my blog done. Kris will update you on her Facebook page.

Wearing a massive brace on my right arm so going to take some time to set the keyboards so I can use both hands with the brace.

My first surgery in 72 years and first broken bone(s) in 72 years. Nurses and doctors were always shocked when they first looked at my age and asked how I fell and I said running a 5K.

Seemed all went well. Kris knows more about that. I am home and alive.

I want to thank Chris and Steve York for putting up with my druggy conversation after surgery and a huge thanks to Ron Collins who helped Kris with a billion things and be a level head to ask questions and help me get my socks on and guard my injured side through dozens of doors. Thank You!!

Again, thanks for all the support. Means more than you know.