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Diving Into the Wreck is Free!!

Doing a Bookbub On Diving into the Wreck.

The first book in Kristine Kathryn Rusch DIVING SERIES, Diving into the Wreck is free for a few weeks. Normally it is $5.99, but there is a Bookbub on it and you can get it free for the next week or so.

If you have not yet met Boss and been introduced to this massive series, now is the time. Lots of books in the series. Great reading.

The link to find it free on your favorite store is:


The campaign is going live in a week or so. Going to have some really fun rewards and workshops and fun books in it. To get Kickstarter to notify you the moment it launches, go to the prelaunch page at

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  • Nathan Haines

    This was a fantastic book. (Thanks to Firefly) I spent some time thinking about what it would be like finding a deep-space shipwreck and salvaging a ship. But Diving Into the Wreck really had a fascinating view of not only what it would be like—but how a crew who did it for a living would feel.

    At free it’s a bargain for twice the price. If you haven’t read it, take advantage of this offer!