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Interview Videos With Kris

The Interview Videos with Kristine Kathryn Rusch Are Up!

The 10 series interviews were a part of the Stretch Goal bonuses in the Kristine Kathryn Rusch Starter Kit Kickstarter Campaign. I was to interview Kris about the ten series that were in the starter kit.

Each interview was going to be separate on Teachable, but Kris and I soon realized that would not be the best, so we still did the ten interviews, but they are now ten different sections of the same class.

Over 40 different videos. We were going to charge $50 each interview per series, but then decided that by combining them we could charge just $300 for all ten. Same number of videos as a regular class.

The Interview Videos are on the first page on Teachable and have a picture of me and Kris.

All backers of the Starter Kit campaign in the morning (Friday) will get a link and a code to get into the interviews. If you do not get it by Tuesday, and have checked your spam filter, contact Josh at WMG books.

Anyone else can grab the interviews for $300.

Kris and I spend a lot of time talking writing, more than we have done in a long time outside a class, actually. Four-plus hours, all very informal and fun. And focused on the ten series that were in the starter kit. Even some stories that I didn’t know or didn’t remember.

You don’t often see two writers doing this for ten different series. A lot of history of publishing in these as well.

This is not in any of the workshop subscriptions because this is not a workshop. This is a one-time thing. Please don’t ask for more. We’re not doing it. (grin)

But if you want to sort of listen in on two long-term professional writers talk about series and business, this is for you.

Also, after listening to all ten interviews about the series, you will be stunned that Kris survived.


  • Linda Niehoff

    I’ve only had a chance to watch the intro so far but this is going to be so fun! The Dean & Kris Show 😉

    • dwsmith

      Yeah, pretty much. We had fun doing them, so I hoped that comes through, even though Kris is always hesitant to talk about her own work. She was stuck doing it (grin).