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Might Be A Few Minutes of This Site Being Down…

Tuesday Morning and some through the day…

Yes, the site is moving to a new host after that last stupidity. Everything is already moved as I type this, but tomorrow morning all the direction stuff will be switching over.

Site this place might experience a little downtime, but should be short.

And for a short time it will read “Not secure” as things switch over, but it is and will read secure in short order.

After that I will spend a number of days cleaning up stuff that has desperately needed to be cleaned up for a few years now.

Other than the slight breaks, and the “not secure” for a few hours, you should not notice any difference. And when I get cleaning, I will point out what I am cleaning up.

So a blog about web site work. Yup, in ten years done that a few times. (grin)