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Colliding Worlds Kickstarter Doing Great!

Hit Second Stretch Goal…

And headed for the third. Kris and I are very pleased because we really love this idea of having a joint set of collections. Five books with fifty of her stories and fifty of mine to make 100 science fiction stories in total.

That’s right, all science fiction. And all types of science fiction. All with the title Colliding Worlds.

All of these have been published before, but I guarantee not one person out there besides the crew at WMG Publishing will have read them all. Or even a quarter of the 100 stories.

Some of mine have only seen print in early volumes of Smith’s Monthly. Some of Kris’s have won major awards and been in Asimov’s or Analog. Some of hers have seen print in some of the most obscure anthologies ever imagined back in the 1980s and 1990s. And some of my stories were featured in major anthologies as well as minor ones as well.

And together we have far more than 100 science fiction stories, so we had to narrow it down.

Five volumes or our stories. Watch the video on the Colliding Worlds Kickstarter Campaign to see how we worked together.

And then I hope you will support this fun project and get the five books and maybe an extra add-one or two as well.

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