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Finished Cave Creek Novel

Card Sharp Silver: A Cave Creek Novel

This book got sidetracked badly because of Covid this last year. I just sort of put it away for the longest time, then finally brought it back out in November after the election and started dinging at it again, planning to have it done right about now. It’s a short novel at 31,000 words, and now Kris will read it and then it will go to WMG for copyediting, then it will be posted to the Shared World Class.

By the way, if you have opted out of emails on Teachable, you are missing a lot of instructions and updates. Emails are how I send people in each class updates and instructions. For example, tomorrow or Wednesday, I will be posting the reading list from Kris on the Study Along Mystery workshop and letting everyone in the class know it is there by email. You opted out, you miss and will have to stumble on things in your own time.

So, in other words, check that and opt back in. Especially in the Kickstarter Best Practices and in the Shared Worlds Class.

What happened with the Cave Creek novel is that it is a gold mine for stories to write in the Cave Creek world. Massive gold mine and should be great fun.

So I will be posting the book in a week or two and a small bible with instructions on what is fair game.

Also, in the class part, I will be sending a sample contract for Cave Creek before you write. In essence, if you have signed a Fiction River or Pulphouse contract, it won’t be much different at all.

Also, the class itself will have a bunch more videos on writing in Shared Worlds, even though there is already a lot there.

So now going to see if I can wrap up the layout of Smith’s Monthly #45. I have lots of time tonight because I am waiting for six videos to upload in Teachable. Usually takes 20 minutes, taking six or more hours. Not on my side, something messed up with Teachable, but of course, holiday and they are gone until tomorrow.


You all know we are doing a fun Kickstarter campaign called Colliding Worlds where Kris and I are putting some of our science fiction short stories together into 5 collections of 20 stories each, 100 stories total.

Gwyneth today did this really fun little ad for it. Check it out. Very short.